Why Trump will likely win the presidential election — Soapbox DC — Medium

I think Trump will win because Hillary is simply not the kind of candidate Americans want and this will become […]

Whole Foods Is Selling A Vegan Burger That Bleeds When Cooked

Beyond Meat made headlines a while back after they debut their Beyond Burger. The protein would emit a reddish juice […]


Shocking Photos: PETA’s Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies

The PETA headquarters is on the aptly named Front Street. While claiming to be an animal rights organization, PETA does […]


California E-Liquid Company Sues the FDA – Vaping360

The FDA is now facing two lawsuits challenging its ban on vapor products. Lost Art Liquids of Los Angeles, CA, […]


The Ugly Truth About PETA – They’re Not What you Might Think

The PETA employees backed their van up to the porch and threw biscuits to Maya, who was sitting on her […]


9 out of 10 Native Americans not offended by Redskins name, poll reveals | Fox News

A recent national poll found that nine of 10 Native Americans aren’t offended by the Washington Redskins name.The poll conducted […]


Good Mythical More: Weird Soda Taste Test

Back a couple months ago, I posted some of these bizarre flavors on Instagram. They’re from a brand called, “Lester’s […]


RNC chairman warns against ‘suicide’ third-party run against Trump | Fox News

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus warned Sunday that any effort by conservatives to draft a candidate to run against […]


The First Supermarket Appeared in 1946 – True or False?

Canned (commercially tinned) food was invented in the early 1800’s, and eventually became a staple in many households (and still […]


Overheard: “What Are The Great Heavy Metal Releases Of Finland? I Can Think Of None.”

PLEASE tell me this guy isn’t serious. This is the whole problem with American Music fans, even the metal heads. […]