LATEST SHOW: Interviews with Shakra, Rhapsody of Fire, and Brainstorm!

This week’s show has it all. Rock Stars. Music. 25 chemicals you should never mix. And Babymetal. Yep. You read […]

Important Show Update / Information

Don’t worry, we’re not cancelled or quitting. But personal issues have forced me to make some adjustments just to relieve […]

TIME TO PICK A FIGHT: The RIAA – Time To End The Music Blackout

Since 1952 this organization has had it’s paws in our fridge, picking through it. Well, I’ve had about enough. The […]

Camping Out For A Free Chicken Give-A-Way From Chick-Fil-A

Come on. Seriously? Look, I’ve been to a Chick-Fil-A. It’s great. And the CEO has GREAT moral and business scrupels. […]

Babymetal – No Really, This Is A Thing.

When I first saw this, I said, “Really? Jpop and Metal?” But then I saw the amount of views. This […]

Show Delayed

Hey everyone…. A major family crisis hit and I’ve not gotten to editing the show yet. I apologize. It’s on […]

Jimmy Bain, Bassist for Dio, Rainbow + Last in Line, Dead At 68 – Loudwire

The music world has suffered another loss. Jimmy Bain, best known for his work as the bassist for Dio and […]

Cage Free Vs. Pasture Raised Chickens.

Know the difference. Look, I’m no far left “save the cows” tree-hugging, hemp bag toting and smoking, bare-foot hippie. I […]

Latest Show: “Toilets Around The World”

This week’s show is a weird one. I mean, on one hand there’s our weird Travel Channel show idea to […]

The Audacity! You Can’t Research If “Gilligan” Really JUST Died, But You Know Who I Should Vote For

This is probably the aspect of social media that pisses me off the worst. I rant about it on this […]